Our offices in Linz are located in a former factory building which is a fine example of Upper Austria's unique Art Deco heritage. In 1984, the carpenter's workshop of yore was restored to its original beauty, and its interior was revitalized in 2005 to meet today's latest business standards.

About Us

GRASSNER LENZ THEWANGER + PARTNER is registered as a partnership in Linz (Company Register No. FN 140793). We operate out of Linz, with branch offices in Vienna and in Steyr.

Our partnership goes back to the year 1973, when Dr. Alfred Thewanger (who has since passed away) started his legal practice in Linz. In the course of time, associates who had proven themselves over the years and who had gained their seniors‘ trust were awarded a lawfirm partnership. Today, our lawfirm consists of the following three partners, who are personally involved in day-to-day operations and who are individually liable for its success:

  • HELMUT LENZ, Dr. iur.
  • NORBERT MOOSEDER, Dr. iur.,  LL.M.
  • WALTER LÖBL, Dr. iur.


Furthermore, GLTP continuously employs five other (associate) attorneys and a staff of approximately 15.

While our law firm’s main objective is to provide our clients with full-service legal counseling, our lawyers are also highly qualified to meet the growing demand for specialized expert knowledge and tailor-made solutions. In this spirit, clients turning to us with cases to be submitted to local authorities and district courts may expect the same level of commitment and care that we bestow on more complex proceedings involving, for instance, a European Court of Justice.